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DupScout is a duplicate files finder allowing one to search and cleanup duplicate files in local disks, network shares, NAS storage devices and enterprise storage systems. Users are provided with the ability to search duplicate files, save reports, replace duplicates with links, delete duplicate files or move duplicate files to another location.

DupScout News
15-Mar-2021 - DupScout v13.4 adds the ability to display pie charts showing duplicate files per user group. In addition, the new product version improves the duplicate files search wizards allowing one to easily perform frequently used duplicate files search operations. Finally, the new version improves the main DupScout Server client GUI application and fixes a number of bugs.
26-Jan-2021 - DupScout v13.3 adds the ability to compare files and display block-by-block file comparison results allowing one to double-check that detected duplicate files are identical or show the level of similarity for almost duplicate files. In addition, the new product version improves the file matching rules allowing one to filter program files by the program version, product name, vendor name, file description, etc.
8-Dec-2020 - DupScout v13.2 adds the ability to exclude duplicate files by the user group allowing one to easily skip files owned by the operating system and administrators. In addition, the new product version improves the built-in file classification capabilities, improves the file properties dialog and fixes a number of bugs.