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DupScout Server Quick Search Mode

DupScout Server provides the following two duplicate files search modes: the quick duplicate files search mode, which is an easy to use mode for simple duplicates search operations, and the commands mode, which provides the ability to pre-configure a number of duplicate files search commands allowing one to control an extensive set of duplicate files search options.

In order to simple search duplicate files using the quick search mode, press the 'Duplicates' button located on the DupScout Server home page, specify disks, directories or network shares to search in and press the 'Search' button.

In the quick search mode, DupScout Server will automatically create a duplicate files search command, search duplicate files in the specified disks and directories and display detected duplicate files. Each quick duplicate files search command is saved in the product configuration file, displayed on the DupScout Server home page and may be later executed again or customized to search different types of duplicate files.