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DupScout Server Installation Procedure

DupScout Server is especially designed to be as simple as possible. The product does not require any third-party software applications and may be installed and configured within a couple of minutes. A fully functional 30-days trial version of DupScout Server may be downloaded from the following page: http://www.dupscout.com/downloads.html.

The installation package is very small, 5MB - 6MB depending on the target operating system, and the product requires just 20MB of the free disk space on the target server. In order to install DupScout Server, start the setup program, select a destination directory and press the 'Next' button.

Optionally, enter custom server control and/or web access ports. The server control port is used by the DupScout command line utility and the web access port is the port for the web-based management interface allowing one to control DupScout Server using a standard web browser. If DupScout Server should be controlled remotely through the network, make sure one or both of these ports are open in the server's firewall.