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DupScout Server File Matching Rules

DupScout Server provides the ability to search duplicate files among specific types of files or file categories using an extensive set of file matching rules capable of matching files by the file name, extension, directory, file type, file size, creation, last modification or last access dates, etc. In order to add one or more file matching rules to a duplicate files search command, open the duplicate files search command dialog, select the 'Rules' tab and press the 'Add Rule' button.

DupScout Server Duplicate Files Search Rules

On the file matching rule page, select an appropriate rule type, select an operator, enter a rule value and press the 'Save' button. DupScout Server allows one to add an unlimited number of file matching rules to each duplicate files search command and apply the (AND) or (OR) logical operators. For example, the user is provided with the ability to analyze all types of documents with the file size more than X MB that were modified during the last month.

DupScout Server Duplicate Files Search Negative Rules

Finally, DupScout Server allows one to define multi-level, nested file matching rules with different sets of rules and logic operators on each level capable of precisely selecting the subset of files that should be processed.