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DupScout Server Automatic Actions

DupScout Server provides the ability to automatically select original files and duplicate files removal actions according to user-specified rules and policies. In order to configure automatic duplicate files removal actions, open a duplicate files search command and press the 'Actions' button.

In order to add a new action, press the 'Add Action' button, set an appropriate original file selection mode, select a duplicate files removal action and press the 'Add' button. In order to edit a previously created duplicate files removal action, press the 'Edit' button located on the right side of the 'Actions' page.

Initially, automatic duplicate files removal actions are created in the 'Select' mode allowing one to review selected actions and make sure everything works as required. Once the configuration is carefully tested, the duplicate files search command may be scheduled to be started periodically and all configured duplicate files removal actions executed automatically. In order to automatically execute configured duplicate files removal actions, open the command page, press the 'Actions' button and set the actions mode to 'Execute'.