DupScout is a duplicate files finder allowing one to search and cleanup duplicate files in local disks, network shares, NAS storage devices and enterprise storage systems. Users are provided with the ability to search duplicate files, save reports, replace duplicates with links, delete duplicate files or move duplicate files to another location.

6-Feb-2018 - DupScout v10.5 adds a HEX editor with built-in search capabilities allowing one to view and modify binary files including huge, multi-gigabyte data files and virtual disk images. In addition, the new product version adds the ability to export lists of network shares from the network shares search dialog and fixes a number of bugs.
2-Jan-2018 - DupScout v10.4 adds support for new types of files to the built-in file classification plug-ins. In addition, the new product version increases the maximum number of duplicate files search commands, increases the maximum amount of disk space and the maximum number of files that can be searched. Finally, the new version improves the DupScout GUI application and fixes a number of bugs.
5-Dec-2017 - DupScout v10.3 adds the ability to save batches of duplicate files search reports for one or more selected categories of files with each report showing the number of duplicate files and the amount of duplicate disk space per file extension, creation, last modification or last access date, file attribute, file size, user name, etc. In addition, the new product version improves the web-based management interface and fixes a number of bugs.